What Does It Mean When You Dream of Flying?

Flying is one of the most common dreams, and the meaning behind it makes people think. Dream of flying can be a pleasurable experience. The body is no longer affected by gravity and is free to go where it wants. But not all flying dreams are rosy, and there can be a mixture of catch-up and stress.

Imagine a colorful sky in the distance, with pink clouds hanging above and lush tropical rain forests below. You seem to have a pair of wings, the body is very light, according to your own idea, sometimes sink into the rain forest interior, sometimes rise into the colorful clouds. The air was fresh and fragrant with the plants and flowers of the rain forest. In real life, you may be a little afraid of heights, especially if your body is falling rapidly, but in your dream, you don’t feel uncomfortable falling at all.

At this moment you are having a pleasant dream of flying. You may have just changed jobs, entered a whole new industry, everything is falling into place, and you are relaxed inside.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Flying?-Mintal

Dream of falling while flying

Falling while flying in a dream, although it is not like the kind of sharp fall from a height that wakes you up all of a sudden, there is still a feeling of loss in the half-dream and half-awake state. This shows that you are more fanciful in your heart, but you need to consider various practical issues and hide your fantasy side.

Dream of flying like an eagle

People dream that when they fly, they feel free. They can fly wherever they want, stop when they want, and get everything they want. This shows that you live a relatively comfortable life in reality, there are basically no major difficulties in life and work, and everything is under your control. Moreover, you may have further room for improvement.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Flying?-Mintal

Dream of being chased while flying

Some people often dream of flying up in the process of being chased, this shows that you have a sense of crisis and have already figured out how to deal with it. But some people dreamed that they were flying when they were being chased by many people, or even surrounded, with nowhere to escape. This situation shows that your psychological pressure is too great, and you need to decompress and relax yourself.

Dream of flying with many people

Dreaming of flying with friends indicates that you enjoy the feeling of getting along with friends; dreaming of flying with strangers indicates that you do not exclude new things and new friends into your life, and it is very possible There are already signs of this. 

The spiritual meaning of dream of flying

Flying dreams often represent something benevolent, whether you have the ability to fly or fly a plane, the common denominator is freedom. According to Women First, flying naturally while feeling happy in your dreams may represent accomplishing something you’ve been working on, or that you’re now free of a painful burden. Soaring in the sky like Superman can be understood as rising above something or occupying higher ground in difficult situations, symbolizing freedom from the shackles of negative emotions.

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