How to Stay Alert and Awake While Driving?

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Drowsy driving, along with drunk driving, is one of the major traffic problems worldwide. The consequences it results can be fatal but the behavior itself can be neglected by most people.

I believe that most of us have considered that we could beat drowsiness while driving? We’re so sure that we get in the car, yawning, but it turns out that we can’t. Like drunkenness, sleepiness can be very powerful. Statistics show that in America alone,15% to 33% of fatal crashes might involve drowsy drivers.

How to Stay Alert and Awake While Driving?-Mintal

How to Tell If You Or Your Loved One Is Driving Drowsily? 

There are some typical signs as follows:

  1. Nodding and blinking a lot, having a hard time keeping focused on the front view
  2. Experience wandering or disconnected thoughts
  3. Have difficulty keeping your eyes open and yawning repeatedly
  4. Have trouble keeping your head straight up
  5. Drift from your lane or hit a rumble strip

If you have any of these signs, don’t hesitate and pull over to a safe place.

How to Stay Alert and Awake While Driving?-Mintal

How to Stay Alert and Awake While Driving?

1. Menthol oil can be helpful

Put some menthol oil on a tissue and inhale it when you feel drowsy.

2. Drinking some coffee and tea

Talking about what you can drink, a moderate amount of tea and coffee can boost your energy up.

3. Take a nap after you drink coffee

The caffeine you take won’t work immediately. So it’s better to shut your eyes for 20-30 minutes before you hit the road.

4. Don’t drive long distances alone

Talking to a companion can distract your mind from sleepiness. Plus you can take turns driving.

5. Watch the temperature

Warmth can make you tend to nod off more. If you are driving in a hot summer, make sure that you’re not staying in a greenhouse.

6. Take a break at least every 2-3 hours

Why not pull over to a safe place, walk around and stretch.

7. Rock ‘n’ roll on the road

Put on some loud music and rock yourself. Loud music can excite your brain and drive your tiredness away. But don’t get too excited. Safety is most important.

How to Stay Alert and Awake While Driving?-Mintal


Overall, it’s better to be safe than sorry. “Drink and drive” is always a NO. Alcohol reduces your mobility and makes your tiredness even worse. Never drive while your brain is telling you that you’re tired.


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