Try Guided Sleep Meditation for A Good Night

Do you have trouble falling asleep after turning off the lights and hitting the bed at night? Most of us do. This is often caused by anxiety. Having a tense and stressed mind makes it hard to sleep. Meditation can help you in this situation. When you meditate, certain physiological changes occur in the body that influence your sleep pattern.

Try Guided Sleep Meditation for A Good Night-Mintal

How Does Sleep Meditation Work?

Meditation can help those who struggle to fall asleep at night in the following ways:

1. Controlling Whirl of Thoughts

Within moments of laying down in bed, our minds began whirring with millions of thoughts, keeping us awake and restless. Meditation slowed down the brain’s activity. As a result, our minds became quieter.

2. Sleep Hormones

Meditation stimulates the production of sleep hormones serotonin and melatonin, which calms the heart, lowers adrenaline, and induces sleep.

Try Guided Sleep Meditation for A Good Night-Mintal

How to Fall Asleep Faster with Sleep Meditation?

1. Breathing Exercises

Try yawning exercises. A simple yawning action can trigger positive feelings in your brain. Even if it feels forced, this still releases stress and tells the brain that it’s time to rest.

2. Take in Your Surrounding

Relax in a calm place like your bed. As you begin, take deep breaths and allow yourself to become aware of the surroundings rather than shutting yourself off. Once your mind stops racing, your body will aid in natural sleep.

3. Use Your Imaginations

Create in your mind a scene or image that makes you happy, and you might enter a trance-like state similar to hypnosis. Often when you focus on gratitude and appreciate something, the body calms down and you drift off to sleep quickly.

Try Guided Sleep Meditation for A Good Night-Mintal


A healthy sleeping pattern is promoted by meditating before bed; however, most people do not know how to meditate. Hopefully, these techniques will help you sleep better at night.

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