What Does It Mean When I Drown in Dreams?

Why do you always drown in dreams? Even if it’s not real, anyone unfortunate enough to drown in dreams will know it’s a very scary experience. The effect of drowning in a dream is very powerful. Some people are awakened by dreams and feel unable to breathe, even in a safe and comfortable environment. Such fears may accompany you throughout the day.

Drown in dreams meaning

Drowning leads to choking and exhaustion to such an extent that a person becomes paralysed from giving a response.

Suffocation could be by drowning in water or by being devoid of open air to breathe. One can interpret the vision of feeling suffocated in water in many ways as per different mythologies and scientific studies of understanding human psychology.

What Does It Mean When I Drown in Dreams?-Mintal

Drown in dreams spiritual meaning

When someone drowns you in your dreams, it shows that you are becoming psychologically and emotionally compelled by your needs, possibly through an excess of love and control. Let us talk in detail about some possible interpretations of this dream:

As per popular Chinese mythology, the dream of suffocating in the water manifests ongoing health issues. It tells one of the significant risks of repetition of the disease. People dealing with specific allergies and genetic problems should be conscientious while seeing such dreams.

Besides, psychologists also interpret the feeling of choking/suffocating on liquid as a symbol of being overwhelmed. It is a metaphor of “drowning/excessive drenching” on your emotions or problems in your life. The person who fantasized about this dream must be going through anxiety, stress, and fear.

When you’re drowning in workload, deadlines, and general external stressors that always make life interesting and stressful, the last thing you want to do is spend a restless night dreaming that you’re legitimately drowning. However, these external stressors are often the cause of your midnight mood swings.

What Does It Mean When I Drown in Dreams?-Mintal

The novel Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll could be the literal symbolism of this dream. The famous scene where Alice, overwhelmed by the strange changes that have happened to her, cries so much that she nearly drowns in her tears.

The vision of suffocating by drowning could similarly suggest that your own deep emotions impede your ability to go about your life. And you do not know how to deal with the situation rationally.


Hence, it is very normal to dream about such strange things. However, if you dream of this frightening experience repeatedly, it is suggested to consult a psychiatrist.

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