What Does It Mean When You Dream of Being Shot?

I had a dream of being shot, and it felt so real. A colleague and I entered the elevator. While the elevator was running, my colleague pulled out a gun and shot me in the shoulder. Although it was a dream, I clearly felt the pain. Then my colleague shot my heart, and I woke up。I was panicking. I was dream of being shot.

There are times when you don’t need to worry when you dream about being shot because this dream is sometimes a product of your imagination. You may have seen lots of films, movies, or stories about shooting or war. Other than that, a dream of being shot carries underlying messages that you have to look through.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Being Shot?-Mintal

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Being Shot?

Having a dream about getting shot might mean that you feel threatened or afraid in your waking life.

You may be feeling that someone is trying to harm you, or that you’re in danger.

Most likely, your subconscious is using the image of you getting shot to symbolize some kind of trauma or pain you’re experiencing in your life right now.

Getting shot in a dream can have a different meaning depending on the context of the dream.

Dream of being shot by strangers

If you see someone shooting at you with a gun in your dream, but you don’t remember who it is, or you don’t know who it is, it means that life will become more difficult.

This dream shows that you must be prepared for the worst and be ready to experience some bad things. It may be difficult for you to maintain your sense and function, because that time is very stressful for you.

Dream of being shot by a friend

If your friend betrayed you in a real-life, that could be the reason for having this dream. You have been hurt and that is stuck in your subconscious mind thus you have dreams like this one.

Maybe you can’t forget or forgive e what that person did to you and it’s shocking to you that someone could be that bad.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Being Shot?-Mintal

Dream of being shot by his family

If you dream about being shot by your mother, that means you didn’t get along with her. Maybe she ignored you, or maybe she wasn’t there, and you felt betrayed by her.

This dream usually indicates a bad relationship with one’s mother.

Another meaning of this dream is that you feel like you don’t belong anywhere.

Dreams are always full of mystery. They can be frightening or delightful, confusing or clear. They can reflect the health issues and relationship problems, as well as long-considered and deeply buried feelings. You can also share your dream with Mintal Tracker and we’ll tell you what it means


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