5 Common Dreams And What They Mean

Dreams have always been a mysterious and interesting topic in psychology. Their strangeness, immersive nature and emotional awakening, all pique human curiosity. Maybe you’ve had vivid dreams that are still fresh in your memory. However, what do these dreams represent? Let’s explore the 5 most common dreams and their deeper meaning:

5 Common Dreams And What They Mean-Mintal

1.  5 Common Dreams-Dreams About Cheating

The cheating dream occurs most often when you feel your partner is spending too much time and attention on something that does not involve you.

When you dream about cheating, it often means one of several things:

#1 You are not satisfied with the relationship

#2 You are sexually dissatisfied

#3 You feel guilty about what you did

#4 You have baggage about what happened in the past, like someone betrayed you

Much of this comes down to fear. If you are insecure in your relationship, for whatever reason, this will come to your mind. When you sleep, these fears are out of control, so they manifest in your dreams. This may be the best way to explain why we dream about cheating.

2.  5 Common Dreams-Dreams About Dying

This dream may not necessarily be a nightmare. Rather, it is a dream meant to encourage a person to embark on a new endeavor or fresh start.

Death in a dream can also represent a challenge you have to accept. Through such dreams, you are being asked to discover and accept an alternative life path, that new beginnings are only possible if you have the courage to start from scratch. If you dream of your own death, it means that you are studying how you feel about death. You withdraw from life’s challenges, or your mind and body are separated from each other.


You see an opportunity you didn’t grasp, and you know it’s too late. Death in the dream symbolizes the end of certain important life stages, such as childhood, career, etc., and the beginning of a new stage.

This dream often means you wish to terminate or end something in your life such as a relationship, a job, a career path, or even a desire to move away from the past.

Spiritual Symbol:

On a spiritual level, death in a dream represents the invisible part of life, representing omniscience, spiritual rebirth, resurrection and re-adaptation.

5 Common Dreams And What They Mean-Mintal

3.  5 Common Dreams-Dreams About Being Chased

Being chased – the stress of real life, or the inner beast. Dreaming of being chased or killed by people, animals or even aliens, and you run out of breath. This kind of dream reminds people of the real life that is always full of pressure, so the source of the pressure is the key to this kind of dream. If you can identify the boss or the wife who is chasing you, of course, it will help to clarify the meaning of the dream.

But if it is unfortunate and the face of the enemy chasing you is vague, then you can only infer who the “enemy” may be from the person who helped you or the person who went with you during the escape. In the next dream, it is necessary to try to let go of the courage to take a look, so that you will know where the inexplicable fear in your heart comes from, and you must dare to face danger in order to solve the problem.

Dreaming of being chased by others is usually caused by extreme worry or when the current life encounters setbacks. To dream of being chased and running indicates that the dreamer is trying to get rid of some kind of difficulty or pressure. Dreaming of being chased by others symbolizes the arrival or oppression of pressure, but you are running in place but cannot move, indicating that you are helpless and in a dilemma in the face of pressure.

5 Common Dreams And What They Mean-Mintal

4.  5 Common Dreams-Dreams About Being Naked in Public

Psychology believes that when a person dreams of being naked, it means that he has exposed his weaknesses in life, and he believes that he is in a dangerous and embarrassing situation.

When our lives change, such as finding a new job or starting a new intimate relationship, we are likely to have naked dreams because of discomfort or lack of confidence.

Clothes are the equivalent of a mask that helps us hide our true selves. When we take off our clothes and reveal our true selves, we feel uncomfortable, even ashamed.

If such a dream makes you feel uncomfortable, then you have to think about whether you are disguising yourself too much in your daily life, thereby hiding your true self. Over time, we drift with the flow, become more and more mediocre, and lose our individuality.

This dream is helping you discover your need to express your talent. Hiding your abilities and not having to be judged by others makes you less likely to be criticized, which is safe but leaves you feeling disappointed and frustrated. This dream is telling you, don’t be afraid to expose yourself, be brave to be your true self, and don’t be afraid even in the face of ridicule.

5.  5 Common Dreams-Dreams About Pregnancy

This is often a sign that you wish to start a new creative project or become a parent. This can represent a desire to nurture or can be representative of a desire to pursue new idea that has been on your mind.

The biggest feature of pregnant women is that they are about to give birth to a child. The essence is to cultivate for a period of time to obtain output and harvest, and at the same time, their identity changes and enters the stage of motherhood. Therefore, dreaming of pregnancy may mean that you will have certain outputs and gains in real life, or you are facing a key node of events, such as a project at work that is about to be delivered or a new stage in your studies.

At the same time, the emotional feelings about the pregnancy status in the dream are also very important. Different emotions reflect the different attitudes of the dreamer to the events that will happen in real life. For example, tension and worry may be anxiety about events in real life, while excitement and anticipation may be yearning for a new stage of your life.

Although dreams sometimes seem real, dreams about specific situations, such as pregnancy, rarely come true. Research on dreams is not specific, but psychologists believe that these situation-specific dream types are related to the subconscious mind rather than any type of sleep-induced fortune-telling.

5 Common Dreams And What They Mean-Mintal


Dreams can be quite troublesome if they are frequent. For example, recurring dreams can make you think that something mysterious is going on. You wonder if a higher power is telling you something. A more likely cause is unresolved baggage that you have to unpack and deal with. Once you do this, recurring dreams usually disappear.

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