How to Use Relaxing Music to Help Me Sleep?

Are you constantly tossing and turning at night? If you suffer from insomnia, or are tired of waking up after only a few hours of sleep, you can listen to relaxing music or nature sounds.

Music is a powerful means of expression that can improve sleep hygiene, allowing you to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more rested.

What Is Relaxing Music?

Relaxing music refers to soft, gentle, soothing sounds that relax tense muscles and allow you to easily release the tension of your day. When your muscles and body are relaxed, your mind is also released, which can help you reduce a lot of tension and stress.

Mintal Tracker has lots of relaxing music, such as Lighthouse, Lucid Dream, Sleep in the Rainy Forest, etc. You can download the Mintal Tracker to listen to these typical relaxing music and get more quality music.


The main types of relaxing music in Mintal Tracker include:

1. Nature Sounds

Listening to Nature sounds reorient our nervous system towards a more relaxed, restful and digestive activity. Introverted attention has been linked to states of anxiety, stress and depression, all of which can be the opposite of sleep, while nature sounds can make the brain focus more on extroversion.

How to Use Relaxing Music to Help Me Sleep?-Mintal

The sound of rain is one of the most common nature sounds, and there are many different types of rain in the Mintal Tracker, such as Light Rain, Rain in the Cave, Rain with thunderstorm, etc. If you’re interested, download the Mintal Tracker to listen to the sound of rain and get more nature sounds.


Nature sounds create a relaxing atmosphere and make you feel in touch with nature, which is a great way to help you fall asleep.

2. White Noise

White noise provides a uniform, steady flow of sound, such as the whirring of a fan or the hum of an air conditioner. It’s a great way to mask other noise that disrupts sleep.

If you’re trying to sleep in a noisy environment, white noise may help you fall asleep more easily. Mintal Tracker has some white noise, such as Countryside Night, Dream Together with Cats, Peaceful Zen Bamboo Forest, etc. Download Mintal Tracker for more white noise and relaxing music.


White noise can help calm the brain, training it to relax and sleep off other distracting noises. When you fall asleep listening to white noise, the sound can act as a signal to your brain that it’s time to rest, so you’ll get a better sleep routine.

3. Sleep Meditation

Sleep meditation can eliminate the stress of the day and bring peace of mind. If stress is making you anxious, nervous and worried, take a few minutes to listen to sleep meditation music of Mintal Tracker, such as 5 Minutes to a Deep Sleep, Faster Asleep with Positive Thoughts, Sleep Therapy for Deep Calm, etc. Get this sleep meditation music can help restore your inner peace.

How to Use Relaxing Music to Help Me Sleep?-Mintal

During meditation, focus and eliminate the clutter of thoughts that can clog your mind and cause stress. This process may allow you to enhance your physical and emotional health, such as improved sleep, heart safety, pain relief, reduced anxiety, and sharpened mind and memory.

4. Bedtime Stories

Losing sleep because of stress and anxiety? Try listening to some bedtime stories of Mintal Tracker, such as Greek Myth 1, Nature True Story, Sleepy Journey to Mars, etc. These bedtime stories can help you cope with stress and anxiety and fall asleep quickly. Want more bedtime stories? Download Mintal Tracker!


Our body and mind are most exhausted at night. When you can’t sleep, relaxing bedtime stories are like hypnotic music that can help you fall asleep better, get you into a deep and natural sleep.

Why Is Relaxing Music Good for Sleep?

Music can lower blood pressure and heart rate, relieve anxiety, and calm a racing brain, all changes that are conducive to sleep. Relaxing music is constant noise with a pleasing tone, and your brain interprets them as non-threatening noise, which helps reduce your fight or flight response, lowers your stress levels and helps you fall asleep more relaxed.

Studies have found that listening to classical music before bed can help improve sleep quality in young people with sleep problems. It is recommended to choose slow, slow songs between 60 and 80 beats per minute to help you sleep well. Natural sounds and other background noise can also help mask sounds that may be keeping you awake.

How to Fall Asleep with Relaxing Music?

Music can help with both short-term and chronic sleep problems. Before going to bed, you can try listening to relaxing music for about 45 minutes.

The rhythm of music also affects sleep. As you fall asleep, your heart rate starts to slow down. Relaxing music brings your heart rate into the proper zone for sleep, so a relaxing music of around 60 beats per minute is the best choice if you want to fall asleep quickly.

Choose some music that is nice, slow, and doesn’t get you pumped up, and get into bed. However, you need to be careful not to sleep with music on your headphones. This can be uncomfortable and may damage your ear canal. It is recommended to use stereos or speakers to play music.

How to Use Relaxing Music to Help Me Sleep?-Mintal

If you still have trouble sleeping, try Mintal Tracker, an all-in-one sleep and tracking app. Mintal Tracker has a variety of features to help you fall asleep. You can understand your sleep cycle scientifically.


So stop tossing and turning all night and start falling asleep in a healthy, natural way.

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