Is White Noise Good for Sleep?

Noise at night may be distracting, but some noises can help you get a better rest. People have probably heard of white noise, but they may not know that white noise is one of the most effective ways to get a good night’s sleep.

If you regularly struggle with insomnia or want to sleep in a noisy environment, trying white noise might help.

What Is White Noise?

The term “white noise” comes from the term “white light”; Just as white light is a mixture of all visible wavelengths, white noise is a mixture of all audible sound frequencies.

White noise refers to a type of noise that contains all the frequencies of the audible sound spectrum and spans multiple sound bands, 20 hertz and 20,000 hertz, sometimes referred to as broadband noise. White noise is often compared to static electricity from an untuned radio or television.

Is White Noise Good for Sleep?-Mintal

How Does White Noise Help You Sleep?

1. Reduce impact of outside sounds

White noise is static noise that includes all frequencies of sound, and generally refers to any steady background hum, such as air conditioning, rain, or crashing. Regularly listening to soothing sounds helps to relax and reduce the distractions of unexpected noise.

2. Provide a relaxing environment

White noise not only blocks out distracting sounds, it also provides a relaxing ambient noise that relaxes your body and mind and helps you drift off to sleep.

3. Clear your mind

Those who suffer from insomnia often find it difficult to stop thinking at night. When you’re lying still in bed, any small noise triggers and activates your brain. White noise helps “shut off” your mind, allowing you to empty out and achieve peace.

4. Available, practical and easy

Using a white noise machine is a common way to overcome sleep problems. Many white noise machines are small, so you can take them with you when you travel. Ambient noise produced by white noise machines can promote better sleep habits. In addition to the white noise machine, you can download a white noise sleep app on your phone to make it easier to operate.

How to Fall Asleep with White Noise?

For those who don’t want to shell out for a white noise machine, there are plenty of mobile apps that offer a variety of sleep sounds. Mintal Tracker is one of the most recommended white-noise sleep apps.

Mintal Tracker has some white noise, such as Countryside Night, Dream Together with Cats, Peaceful Zen Bamboo Forest, etc. Download Mintal Tracker for more white noise and relaxing music.


These white noise can help calm the brain, training it to relax and sleep off other distracting noises. When you fall asleep listening to white noise, the sound can act as a signal to your brain that it’s time to rest, so you’ll get a better sleep routine.

Is White Noise Good for Sleep?-Mintal

Develop a regular sleep habit that will positively affect your health. Try to get ready for bed at the same time every night and maintain a consistent bedtime even on weekends.

When you get back to your bedroom, dim the lights, arrange your pillows and, if necessary, set your alarm for the next morning, then turn on a white noise app, such as Mintal Tracker, before turning off the lights. Consider whether you prefer white noise to play all night or only when you’re asleep, and set a timer as needed.

Want to use white noise to help you fall asleep? Try Mintal Tracker, an all-in-one sleep and tracking app. Mintal Tracker has a variety of features to help you fall asleep. You can understand your sleep cycle scientifically.


So stop tossing and turning all night and start falling asleep in a healthy, natural way.

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