Why Do I Love the Thunderstorm Sounds, But Some People Don’t?

Hearing thunderstorm sounds in the middle of the night can give people different feelings, ranging from a sense of security to a sense of fear. Why is that?

Why do some people like the thunderstorm sounds? 

In ancient times, human beings had a closer relationship with nature, absorbing the energy of nature and receiving weather signals from nature at any time. It’s a primitive gene that makes people want to get close to nature.

In modern times, people feel comfortable when they see mountains and sea water. Nature really consoles and cures all kinds of bad emotions in human heart. When we walk in the suburbs, surrounded by sunshine, flowers, trees and birds, we will unconsciously have a sense of joy and security.

Why Do I Love the Thunderstorm Sounds, But Some People Don’t?-Mintal

Even loud thunderstorms are no exception when we are indoors and isolated from the bad weather outside. Glass Windows and walls protect us from the rain. It’s reassuring to feel protected. To be human, we all need to feel safe from others and rejoice in the dangers we can avoid. This is one reason why the sound of thunderstorms can make people feel calmer.

Thunderstorms are brown noise, and brown noise may help you get a good night’s sleep, but it’s also good for concentration. Many people prefer to listen to brown noise while studying or working to increase productivity and eliminate any distractions. It can also help relieve anxiety, especially in high-stress situations.

Are thunderstorm sounds for everyone?

Not true. Many people find that the sound of the storm makes them very alert. They fear and respect it because they understand the extent of damage it can cause. People with PTSD also don’t find a comforting voice in any way. If you don’t like storms, you should use more mild rainy ambient sounds.

Why Do I Love the Thunderstorm Sounds, But Some People Don’t?-Mintal

What should you do if you’re afraid of thunderstorm sounds?

1. Keep an eye on the weather

If you often nap during thunderstorms, check the local weather regularly and plan ahead. Of course, the most important thing is to avoid the anxiety caused by thunderstorms. Emphasize that you are in a safe environment from outside harm. Anxiety is naturally the exact opposite of the calming feeling you need to fall asleep, so don’t wallow in the coming storm.

2. Block out noise and light

The two main sleep disruptors from thunderstorms are noise and flashes of light. To drown out loud thunderstorms, buy earplugs at the pharmacy in advance. Next, you need to block out the light. This can be easily done by shading curtains. You may also want to try turning on dim lights or night lights. Sleep masks are also a proven way to block out light while you sleep.

3. Create a pillow and blanket barrier

When you know a storm is coming, grab some comfortable thick blankets and big pillows. These can ward off storms. If you are irritated or particularly bothered by the noise, try covering your head with a blanket or large pillow – be very careful and give you room to breathe.

4. Create a plush animal barrier

If it makes you feel safer, make a windscreen out of your favorite stuffed animal. Gather your animals together. Try to arrange them in a circle or rectangle around your bed. You will be at the center. Jump on the bed and snuggle down. Imagine animals watching over you. Let their presence reassure you, and create an imaginary force field to keep away from dark things.

If you happen to love thunderstorms, just download the Mintal Tracker APP and enjoy high-quality thunderstorm sounds and 300+ exclusive and relaxing sleep sounds. If you find them not to your liking, mix them up yourself. It’s easy to add your own effects, and it’s entirely possible to storm your footage perfectly.


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